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Amanda + Derek – Part II – Missouri Wedding Photographer

I shared pics of Amanda and Derek earlier in the week, and finished them up today. I’m very excited about these pics, they turned out so much better than I expected. I don’t know what it is, every shoot I sit and think “Oh god you’re blowing it!!” and then get home and find 50 […]

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Super sneak for Amanda and Derek

I promised a super quick sneak peek for Amanda and Derek. We shot these just yesterday in gale force stinkin winds. (Ok only a slight exaggeration). I will share some more at the end of the week, because they turned out awesome, hawt, cute. I’ll also share the stories of how weird this world is, […]

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A Lesson in post processing – Wedding photographer Maryville, MO

Today’s lesson will be about post-processing. Post processing (or PP), is the things you do to the image after you download it from your camera to enhance or add to it to make it more dramatic (or subtle, soft, vibrant, etc. Insert your own adjective here). We’re going to start with a recent photo from […]

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