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Getting Married: Amanda and Derek

It’s these two lovely people, that have been distracting me from my blog lately. I’ve been working furiously at getting 40 of the eleventy-billion beautiful photos of them processed to share! Do you remember them? Yes, they are the couple that we have so much overlapping history, that their family is almost my family. I […]

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Meet Frannie

Meet Miss Frannie. She’s a lil’ nugget. FYI, we call a nugget a tiny little mouse poo around these parts. So I guess it’s just how you look at it 🙂 Frannie is also my best friend’s littlest one. aka SURPRISE! 🙂 Frannie is VERY GOOD at saying “No” in her cute little mouse voice. […]

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Nervous Jitters

I’m having a nervous as hell day. It’s all because of this girl: Yep, that’s Sarah. I shot Sarah and Jack’s wedding a couple weeks ago. Their engagement and wedding with smooth as silk and I took a ton of beautiful shots of them. It was easy really. Seriously. Look at her. Sarah knows the […]

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