Monthly Archives: November 2009

Josh’s Senior Portraits – Maryville Missouri Photographer

Meet Josh. This is a pretty awesome kid right here. I mean really, how many times do you hear an 18 year old say he wants to go into the field of *history*. Really? I’d just be impressed if my kids showed up for history class. (oh hush, my kid does) Josh is not only […]

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Tanna + Errol = Getting Engaged!

You need to meet Tanna and Errol, they are two sweet and beautiful people, and they let ME take their engagement photos! Of course I’m going to start off with one of my favorite photos. I love this pic, it’s just so different. Feels like an album cover to me. I had just gotten my […]

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Maternity Shoot – Amanda (and crew)

WARNING!:Cutest Maternity pic ever on the way! You were warned! This is Amanda. New mom to baby Isabelle. Isabelle has already rolled over! I saw that as a sign that I REALLY NEED to get these pics uploaded! This is Dad… Patrick.They are a sweet couple. Patrick is the talker. Amanda is the quiet one. […]

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