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Amber and Chris – forever

My husband and I have this game we play at weddings and parties, it’s called “spot the cop”.  It usually starts with the haircut and ends at the build.   You know, short trooper cut, stocky build, sometimes a moustache, looks like they could squash you with their thumb.  That guy.  About 80% of the time, […]

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The ‘S’ Family and Maternity Portraits – Northwest Missouri Photographer

Stacey said, “I’ve just never had a photo that looked like me.”  That’s when it became my mission to capture Stacey at this moment in her life, with her round baby belly, telling the story of HER and her family before everything changes once again.  I’m sorry, but I’ll never believe that a supermodel that […]

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Keysa and Andy Get married!

Rembember Keysa and Andy’s engagement session? Yeah it’s been a while hasn’t it? le sigh. I’m still getting old. Anyway, I talked about knowing Andy when he was a little kid, but there’s more to this story that I didn’t figure out until their wedding day.  I spent several hours with Keysa and her girls getting […]

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