Fershop – Des Moines Workshop

Every once in a while, you have to go out and make yourself better.  Or at least try.

Earlier this week I attended a workshop presented by the talented photographer Fer Juaristi.  He came to Des Moines all the way from Mexico.  I figured the least I could do was drive 2.5 hours.  I learned so much by just listening and observing, making only 3 notes on movies he suggested we watch. (Already have purchased War Photographer!)  Not only was it inspiring, but I got to hang out with some really awesome mid-western photographers.  I felt unworthy a lot…. so much talent in one spot.

After the workshop (about 10 hours worth) we all sat around and ate good food, drank German beer – well, except me because I don’t like beer.  I know.. I know.  I roomed with Jamie Swanson who was also an out of towner.  She came all the way from Wisconsin and wins the award for driving the longest.  (I might have been second place).  Several photographers came back to our room to hang out and complain – because that’s what we do.  Oh, and we NEVER stop talking about photography. lol.  Fer had to bunk with Jamie and I since there was a Jimmy Buffet concert downtown and the likelyhood if him finding a room late was slim to none.  No worries, it was a suite and Fer stayed in one room, Jamie and I in the other.  We all even ended up with our own beds.  It did give us an opportunity to spend more time picking Fer’s brain.  I asked him if he ever got tired of talking about photography, and he said no.. never.

I think the best part of the whole day was learning to swear with a cool mexican accent.  “If I have to do that keesy keesy sheet I want to do it different.”

If you’re contemplating a Fershop, don’t contemplate long.  Your place will get sold right out from under you.  It was the highlight of the year (well, so far anyway).

Below are some of the images I took while at the workshop (we had 2 shooting sessions in an awesome studio downtown).  Keep in mind a lot of the shots are set up by Fer during instruction.

Pamela K. - April 20, 2012 - 6:15 am

Looks like an awesome workshop! Such talent!

Nicki - April 20, 2012 - 4:35 pm

Looks, and sounds, like it was a great time. I love your first couple of shots especially – and believe you are selling yourself short labeling yourself ‘unworthy’.

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