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Kids and family portrait photography – Aubree 18 months

Aubree (and Moose) came to visit the studio for a special announcement! I’ve been shooting a lot of kids lately and I just love this age.  So many funny expressions and full of energy.  Know how to make it more interesting?  Throw a puppy in the mix. ha! If you’re interested in some kids photos, […]

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Briella’s Family – Southwest Iowa, Bedford Photographer

She only will smile if you quack. Literally like “quackquackquack”. Ok, probably not the only time she’ll smile, but that’s all that was working for us that day.  Sadly I suck at the Briella quack. (she’s a fine connoisseur of the quackage) so thankfully we had mom, dad and 2 grandmas there to fill in.

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One of my more difficult clients

Sometimes, the more difficult clients you’ll ever have are your own family. Not that Tanner (my youngest) is difficult per se. Just that sometimes he’s hard to pin down. He IS 17 after all. This is the first time we have foregone the school pictures (let go of tradtions!) and I did them myself. I […]

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