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Homespun maternity portraits – Lenox, Iowa photographer

I know you might not see it, but it’s true. This woman is my baby sister.  In fact, I have a hard time calling her a “woman” even though she’s obviously grown up enough to have a baby (and a beautiful home, and a thriving salon).  But in reality, she’s still my baby sister.  She […]

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The ‘S’ Family and Maternity Portraits – Northwest Missouri Photographer

Stacey said, “I’ve just never had a photo that looked like me.”  That’s when it became my mission to capture Stacey at this moment in her life, with her round baby belly, telling the story of HER and her family before everything changes once again.  I’m sorry, but I’ll never believe that a supermodel that […]

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Maternity Shoot – Amanda (and crew)

WARNING!:Cutest Maternity pic ever on the way! You were warned! This is Amanda. New mom to baby Isabelle. Isabelle has already rolled over! I saw that as a sign that I REALLY NEED to get these pics uploaded! This is Dad… Patrick.They are a sweet couple. Patrick is the talker. Amanda is the quiet one. […]

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