Unfortunately, fairy dust does not just fall from the sky and beautiful photos happen. Seriously, wouldn’t that be awesome though?

It takes a little bit of work, timing and cooperation to make a great photo happen. (FYI, Your part is the cooperation). After we discuss what kind of photos you want, we’ll decide on locations and times.  The best time of the day is very early morning or evening a couple hours before sunset.

When I shoot on location in your home, I’ll probably just spend some time walking around, talking and looking at the light in your home. It’ll give us all a chance to get more comfortable, and if the kids are there, give them a moment to figure how who this weird lady is in their living room. I might move a chair. I might scoot the playstation out of the way. I might let your kid jump on your bed.

Cuz that’s
how I roll.

Let’s talk clothes. Dress appropriately. That doesn’t necessarily mean hats and gloves. It means, avoid things like busy patterns and matchy matchy white shirts. Yes, I know, everyone loves the jeans and white shirt coordinating with the family, someday you’ll be happy that you didn’t go with a dated look. Or even better yet, maybe you’d just like to be you and wear a tutu with cowboy boots.
*I’m ok with that* (in fact, I pretty much prefer it).

Let your kids be themselves.

And you? Just be yourself (unless you’re super anal retentive, then pretend to be someone … not anal retentive.) Feel free to also bring any special garmets or props that are sentimental to your family.

Newborns tend to be more sleepy, and our schedule can be more flexible with them. Slightly older babies (up to 3-4 months) should be photographed during their nap time. (Don’t forget that I take on VERY FEW newborns per year, so call well in advance to schedule your appointment.)

 Toddlers? Well, just please don’t feed them jellybeans and double shot expresso then cut them loose. That’s pure evil.

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