About digital negatives and albums

About our Albums and prints

Our goal is always to produce the highest quality possible, at the prices that fit every person’s budget. Our albums and prints reflect this business philosphy. With some photographers, you can spend thousands and still have no album, and then spend thousands just on your album alone. Our albums are similar to the very popular flush mount albums, they are a self mount, which means I personally assemble them myself to insure that they meet my standards, this also helps you as the consumer save more money because I pass my savings onto you. Our albums start at $155 with the average album costing approximately $450.

If you have a different style or size in mind, we can give you a quote on other available albums.

Our prints start at a reasonable $12.00, we offer all sizes from wallets to large canvas wraps.


So Are you better off buying prints or albums?

The quality of the prints purchased through us are going to be much better than what you will buy at a box store lab or photo kiosk. The archival quality is much longer and your prints will last over a hundred years with proper care.  Kiosk prints will never last as long and also please consider there is a shelf life for DVD’s and CD’s of approximately 10 years.

When you choose to order your prints and albums from us directly, your photos will be processed to give it that extra kick that makes your pictures stand out from the crowd. We do things like adjust brightness and contrast, smooth the skin, increase saturation which gives it a “pop”, smooth out unattractive wrinkles in your clothes, slimming, brighten the eyes, remove any distracting background images, plus black and white, vignetting, etc if it feels right for the image.

Here are some examples of before and after of what your images will look like:

The before photo, is the digital negative that you would receive, and the after is what you get when you purchase the print or album directly from us.


Digital Negatives

I frequently get asked, “Do I get a disk of my images with your packages?” My answer is, Yes! (with an asterisk). I liberally offer digital negatives with any package. Every package includes a credit that you can purchase anything we offer… including your digital negatives.

So…. What is a digital negative anyway? Digital negatives are a modern day version of a film negative. Your images are stored as data on a disk, flash drive or hard drive rather than a piece of film in a sleeve. Many clients want to purchase their digital negatives for safe keeping or printing at home. Getting the digital negatives to your photographs is very unique thing compared to what many other photographers offer – it can be a valuable investment. Each image will be adjusted for colors and lighting. This does not include smoothing of the skin, airbrushing tan lines, etc. This are *nearly* straight from the camera shots. (see examples above)

Any photo that have printed with us through our favorite professional labs, I will personally retouch those portraits, giving them a unique and custom look… that extra “kick” that makes them stunning and a one-of-a-kind image. Any images you want retouched but not printed will be billed a per hour rate. We offer digital negatives in packages that can fit whatever need you might have.

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