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The “S” family – St. Joseph, Missouri family portraits

It’s going to sound really unfair when I say that Charlotte is one of my favorite small clients of all time, you know, since I hadn’t met her brother yet and all until a couple weeks ago.  I had shot Charlotte and her parents about a year ago when her mom was pregnant with her...

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Sabrena and Brock – Family portraits

Sabrena and I have been talking forever about getting together to do some portraits for her and her family. We finally found time. It was so worth it, her little one has the BEST smile!  

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Briella’s Family – Southwest Iowa, Bedford Photographer

She only will smile if you quack. Literally like “quackquackquack”. Ok, probably not the only time she’ll smile, but that’s all that was working for us that day.  Sadly I suck at the Briella quack. (she’s a fine connoisseur of the quackage) so thankfully we had mom, dad and 2 grandmas there to fill in.

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